Saturday, November 29, 2008


Indian Commandos have been able to defeat the terrorists. Kudos to them! The Government of India never tried to negotiate with the terrorists unlike on previous few occasions. It was befitting reply that terrorism cannot be negotiated. Our commandos have done a tremendous job. But would our government and civil society now be able to eradicate the terrorism from our nation ? I hope for the best but do not like to believe that people are capable of challenging the terror. .The main reason is that our beloved country is a fragmented nation and is full of dichotomy. Neither our social leaders nor our political leaders can get united to voice in unison against terrorism. Everyone has his own axe to grind.

Has any group from our country said, irrespective of caste,creed and religion ,that we will never allow the terrorists to overcome us whether it is in India, Israel, Thailand or America or any part of the world? None ? Even our leaders have to think twice to demonstrate an united face even at the time of national catastrophe like terrorism. No two religions will also combine to even loudly protest. Hindus would think of Krishna, Christian reaches for God and Muslims seek asylum in Islam before even words of condemnation are uttered against terrorism .

Terrorism had started at first as an ideology to win over control of geographical area. Now terrorism have become a profession.Terrorists have no caste creed or religion .They are killers. Incidentally they pursue a religion. They would not even spare any person of their own religion when they pursue the blind attack. Should terrorism in Bombay be taken as an isolated case? Or is it a part of the grand design of terrorism all over the world? How do we challenge the terrorism? If all sensible human do not combine it would impossible to contain terrorism in the civilized world. Do anyone have any answer how to deal with terrorism?? If we sleep over the problem today there would be no tomorrow for all of us. Do You agree ??

A friend of mine wrote to agreeing that terrorism must be contained yet he asked a pertinent question. I quote him since he is from North east and seen what terrorism is. "I agree with you. But terrorism had to be define well as in case of Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama. Dear sir I am from Nagaland and I cannot brand my people fighting for their right to self determination under the provision of UN'(Indigenous People right to self determination) as terrorist."
At first, it appeared, he was little confused so I wrote back to him with the following words "Congratulations for your conviction. But terrorism should not be confused with the Right of self determination. Terrorism is not a mission for the love of its its own people, place and culture. If some one obstruct and become impediment then only you retaliate but do not start an act of terrorism. Both Mandela and Dalai Lama were apostles for the cause of their own people.Both were great fighters for their culture, land and people but were never a terrorist. Both were harbinger of peace, progress and wisdom. The fight for right of self determination is not an cowardice act of terrorism. It an honourable act.Even UN has provision for it. We salute your conviction but not terrorism. We have great regards for the honorable way of the right of self determination." My friends was of course convinced that terrorism should be rooted out of the society.

Many people all over the countries responding to the discussions initiated by me in the google blog wrote back to me as under;"The thing about Mumbai terror attacks is that no one knows exactly what the terrorists want. Not trying to be judgemental or anything, but Indian constitution, and the Indian system, is one of the most liberal ones, and no one is being discriminated against, at least not on the basis of religion".

If there is someone who is being discriminated against, it is the common man...The terrorist come out and kill him, The government regulations will affect him, and his life is made difficult by so many other ways.

The Mumbai attacks are not an isolated case, as recently Delhi underwent a series of blasts, in which many people were killed.

Terrorism has to be dealt with an iron hand, and that is the only way to deal with it. For the first time in India, the authorities refused to negotiate with the terrorists and that is a good thing. In the past the terrorists had managed to bargain and thus get many hardcore prisoners released. At least this time no such thing happened.

But the most important points out of our discussions emerged that until almost all the educated citizens come out openly against the act of terrorism boldly ,with anguish ,always people from outside the nation would take advantage of the society. The terrorist have no love for the country and society where act is perpetuated. Today terrorist are not always foreigner. Without convince of local people they can cannot take up venture of terrorism repeatedly. So Sealing of borders, sealing of sea route must be the top priority. Raising of internal security ministry perhaps would be the foremost duty. The entire contingency plan to deal with terrorism must be taken up with right earnestness under an independent commission headed by person of the status of a General. He should report directly to the Internal security Advisor. The raising of a Commando force and stationing it in the capital is farcical. It should be stationed in the border areas and sea bordering towns and land lock areas where terrorism are actively pursued or there are probability of pursuing. Intelligence and infrastructure need to be improved a lot. What is the possible reason that Europe especially France, Germany and Britain have been able to contain terrorism? It is for the people of those countries who believed in the golden dictum that "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty".The civil society of those countries raised their voice against terror and forced the government to actively put the mechanism on place to tackle terrorism. Those countries gave more importance to intelligence system than the guns. It is the civil society who became the active agents against terror. That made it impossible for terrorist to mount sustained attacks. Perhaps the same thing would be required for our country too. This kind of awareness in some of the workers of the tea gardens once made it impossible for terrorist to penetrate the tea garden after initial hiccup. Danger is not only from outsiders it is equally required to confront insiders. If the society can evolve solid understanding then no power in the world would be able to penetrate terrorism into our society. Commando would then stand by like in Britain, France, Japan and Germany only in readiness!
For the first time the Government of India did not try to negotiate with the terrorist this time. Of course on many occasions it is a tactics for gaining time ,to understand the environment, situation and strength. In case of Mufti Muhammad Sayeed( when he was Home Minister)the Government succumbed very fast to release the political pawn. That was bad. I do not know if there was no political heavy weight in the present Bombay siege. Commandos have defeated terrorists today but would we be able to kill the very base of terrorism? How?
Do we think merely with guns terrorism can be contained? Do we believe that the conviction of civil society can root out terrorism? Have we stopped behaving like a selfish entity? Have we tried to become more humane? Has intelligence improved? Are anyone there to answer us???How can we stop terrorism?


Salil Dhawan said...

Nice post.An internal intent is required at ground level to tackle terror.We need to potray india as strong country and not a country which does meek surrender

Baroowah's Brave Blog said...

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...


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Baroowah's Brave Blog said...

Hi Richa,

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kiran said...

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The main point of Concern as you rightly pointed out was LOCAL AND POLITICAL SUPPORT offered to these people! We can stop that by community policing. Gr8 post as always sir

Satyajit Baruah said...

Great Post!!!
Really We have to stop being Individuals & start working united to flush out terrorism from the root.

Baroowah's Brave Blog said...

Dear, Kiran , Harish and Satyajit,

Your comments have been very useful to all of us. You have excellent perception of the terror is right. Let us all combine together our wisdom and resolve such a tricky matter.
warm regards

anakshi said...

I really appreciate your ideas to resolve such issues and i think this is the time ,we all should gear up and show our concern.We should stop blaming the government for every single problem and rather participate in the process with feasible suggestion as responsible citizen-Anakshi .