Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The election of Barrack Obama today as the president of USA symbolises the rise of new order in the world. He stands for the change of perception of the people .His emergence signify that in a modern world skin is less important. What is more important is the capacity to empower humanity. His rise symbolises the synthesis of poor and rich, black and white & brown and yellow. The synthesis of unified colour of USA was evident for the first time when he addressed million people in Chicago to acknowledge his victory. He graciously acknowledged the contribution of McCain in the nation building. Obama requested for his expertise to build up new world . Hail Obama as the leader of the New world order! On 28Th August 1963 Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech "I have dream.." The election of Obama as the president is the fulfilment of that dream.

Why are Indian happy? Because, Indian middle class can relate with his reasoning and democratic vision of equality, fearless society and universal brotherhood. Apparently, he has made some remarks which are not apparently favourable, at the first sight, to common Indian. yet most Indian largely rejoiced his victory. The most urban educated Indian felt that some one of their own breed has been elevated. Obama had no connection, even remotely, with anything Indian. His respect to philosophy of Gandhi, tasting of Indian food, his friendship with his Indian room mate in his student days in new York are nothing remarkable. we all go through these phases in our life. I like Italian food that did not mean that I am admire everything Italian. I do not very much like British food yet I feel great about British pride on scientific achievements as well as human approach towards people of the world.Obama appealed in Malayalam and in Hindi. even that did not make him popular. His personality, his reasoning and his emergence out of depravity made him favourite.

Many people think Obama would not be as friendly to Indian Interest as George Bush was. This is a wrong conception.What he uttered during his campaign days that he would not tolerate outsourcing. It may rather prove beneficial to India. He might rather ask Indian firms to set up shops in USA so that outsourcing could be avoided yet Indian firm can flourish by appointing Americans who is capable of learning IT.

His utterance on Kashmir should not be wrongly interpreted. What he meant was that if better relation between India and Pakistan could be ushered in than both the country would be able to devote more time in confronting terrorism.He has never told that Kashmir should be handed over to Kashmiris or to Pakistanis. Did he said that? one thing must be kept in Mind that what he said in the campaign was a short crisp statement. As soon as he sit in the hot seat of the president he would weigh both the sides and proceeds with what is the best for the world.

Obama is for a change. The change is for a better world. The change is meant for oppressed& deprive people and the nations. The change is for the minority community.The small business in America ( including 7 to 11 stores) are mostly owned by Indian American.The most petrol pumps of new York are controlled by Indians. Obama promises that minority business would be looked after.In that event who would be benefited? Indian mostly, as they are the owners of small stores in America. Nobel Laureate Amartya sen , hearing the news of Obama election, said that he was delighted with the victory."It has important consequences for India". he added

I have followed successive elections very carefully. I have seen whenever Democrats win the election then America become a much more vibrant nation. The economy booms. One of my friends son went to America in 1990. I told him that he has gone in the best of time to come.At that time Republican were ruling. I told them that in another four years there would be elections and in case Democrats wins there would be more employment and better financial stability. In 1995 Bill Clinton came to power . America's entire economy changed for the Good. Unemployment were wiped out. More and more jobs could be created. The same thing would happen to America from 2009 to 2013.The economy would turn around and Barrack Obama would prove himself to be the one of the best President ever produced after Roosevelt.

Obama may also mess up his own vision and that may create hell in the world. But it is most unlikely.He was raised well with great values. He would be true to his gene. His father , a Kenyan by birth could impress a white lady even when society was not liberal. Both survived tension of the time and never fell apart. Obama is the product of those cherished values. He would surely survive all catastrophe especially when he has a lovely partner in his wife. His wife ,Michelle, is a great great grand daughter of Gim Robinson, a bonded labour.But she has overcome all that. She is a Princeton and Harvard educated lawyer today. Her earning has been much more than her senator husband. She left all that to fulfil the dream of her husband. She would now be the most educated First lady after Mrs. Clinton. Obama in his victory speech acknowledged that she was the tower of the family and is his strength.In fact the most enduring friend.

one thing is true, Obama is an American. He would surely think of the welfare of America always.He would do his best what is good for his country.It would be foolish to expect that he would side with India, China or Kenya at the cost of America. Forget about such silly things. He is born as American citizen, raised in America and he loves his country dearly. It is natural for him to promote his country not any other culture.
I pray God to give him strength to serve his country well and bring peace to the world. World is looking at him with a great expectation. Take care Obama! God bless you!

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