Sunday, January 11, 2009


The Satayam's episode has once again brought into focus our National Weakness-"exploitation". Perhaps greed has overtaken human fairness . Perhaps one mistake led to another. Ultimately inevitable has happened.The disaster struck the Satyam family and did put the nation to shame world over.

Let us analyze why the chairman of Satyam along with his team created such a great Mess. The event has brought down the image of not only the businessmen of the country but also brought down the reputation of Indians as a great achievers.Why Satyam's team performed such a heinous act? Were they under any compulsion? Perhaps they were compelled to reveal the truth at last. But why did they act in such a shameless manner at the first instance? Perhaps greed, hobnobbing with political corruption and the inborn trait of the exploitation of Indians have overtaken the polished wisdom and the path of fair play for which the country was known.

The Exploitation is the National hobby of Indians from time immemorial.From the days of Purus, Chandragupta Maurya to present day businessmen and industrialists,politician,landlords even village heads exploited common people. Unless this trait of exploitation is removed from the psyche of Indian people the country will keep on facing innumerable instances of miseries again and again.

What is the remedy? perhaps spread of the education of mass could be the answer! The development of understanding amongst people and fostering of trust within the society would also be necessary . It is true that all the people of the country were not crooks.There are good people in the society. Yet most people in our country survive on exploitation, mistrust and jealousy. Only for these reasons, though our country may be able to accumulate and grow very high wealth, India could never become a great country at any time.

The appointment of Three Directors of impeccable integrity is commendable action taken by Government.There are four important tasks in front of the board that should be taken up in right earnestness.

1.It is imperative to allow the organization to function normally by utilizing huge intellectual capacity of employees who are dedicated to work. The company might have faltered due to greed of promoters but it become a great contributor of the wealth of Nation mostly for the capabilities of the intelligent and dedicated employees.

2. It is most imperative now to bring in financial arrangements for sustained developments by roping in financial needs of the company as most money shown in the balance sheet are non existence now.The Government of India may be required to grant
a fresh line of credit to run the organization.

3The task before the new board would be to find out the loopholes of the system by which the books of the organization were cooked by former directors, auditors and some trusted employees and independent directors.

4.The board must inspire and need to continue serious efforts to keep the moral of employees higher. The board may be required to provide assurance to customers not only for completion of the pending work diligently but also to bring in new business to keep the organization going.

The newly constituted board seemed excellent. There are exceptional financial person, well known software guy and reputed security analyst. Perhaps the board should have also a Human Relations expert to keep employees motivated and to weed out henchmen of sacked board from reporting matters of importance to outside interested quarters.It is necessary to prove to the world that even a doomed company could be survived when there is a will to perform. It would be necessary to prove it is not the industrialist but employees could turn around a company when leaders are straight forward and inspiring. The professionalism should be the watch words.

It is true that our country was a wealthy nation even 2000 years ago. But lost all the wealth due to exploitation, greed and jealousy trait of the citizens. The successive attacks by Turks, Hun,Afghan, Mogul( only who loved and settled in the country) and British looted the country and made the nation poor mainly due to the weakness of fellow Indians. India is emerging again as a wealth creator. My forecast is after another three decades India would emerge as the one of the two richest countries of the world along with China. But it would never be a great country despite our strong faith on spiritualism(not religion), because most Indians (not all Indians) likes to exploit their own countrymen and compatriots.
I only wish a strong social leader emerge like Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, and Maulana Azad and try to bring amity amongst country men and try to preach that exploitation is the evilest of all traits Indians have acquired over the years. That needs to be changed.