Monday, November 24, 2008


I found a question asked by a fellow blogger: what makes a great blog? It was a very interesting question. The question appealed me and I replied to the fellow blogger in a discussion plate form. Yet, I thought there are a few admirer of my writing who may be interested to know as to what have I replied to my fellow blogger friend. I am repeating my reply for the benefit of those who do not participate in blog discussion yet go through my blog sometime. Here it goes:

"A blog can be attractive if blogger can think in an unique way for himself and can touch the mind set of his readers. A successful blogger is he who can articulate his thought in a way that others feel that to be their idea! Every blog is an unique expression of mind, because each writer of the blog is an unique person. Yet there can be a harmony of thoughts. The way of expression may differ. As an individual he or she is an unique phenomenon or personality. A human can think of the same thing in thousands of way, dream similarly, acts differently and perceive in an outstanding way. The content of the blog must touch a chord in the readers heart and mind. If a blogger can empower others, make a person happy and usher in total happiness and absolute peace to readers he would be the most sought after blogger. We really hail a great blogger with an unique mind.
Greetings and congratulations to an unique, interesting and empowering blogger. GPB,5,Deshapriya park Road, kolkata, 26'India. e"

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