Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Nobody can live under the sun without making provisions for food, shelter and cloth. For human being to provide for above provisions money is necessary .Even monks need money for sustenance. The great prophet like Ramakrishna Paramhangsha once said that no proper worship would be possible with empty stomach. To keep feedings one’s own self human beings would need money even when they stop earning. To enable people to meet both the ends it is imperative to invest money keeping in view risk adjusted return. People, now a day, have become a part of longer life. This necessitated the emergence of Personal Finance in creation of wealth.
This book is an attempt to make our young citizens much more investment savvy. It is not a book for spoon feeding. It is a book to empower young investors to start saving and ultimately become a Millionaire. This is not just a copy book or book of notes which would make investors millionaire automatically. No, it would not. This is a book of empowerment.
The saving and investment are not an easy task. The patience, robust common sense and capability to take risk would be the most required virtues to be a successful Millionaire. This book is meant for inculcating those virtues.. It narrates the example of successful persons. The stories need to be read carefully and develop own skill. If you are serious this book will inspire you to develop a balanced and beautiful mind.

The risk taking capacity of each individual is unique. While making investment this virtue of risk adjusted return for each individual shall have to be calculated depending on the individual capacity. No coaching class will be able to create a common platform for all types of saving and investment. This book would act as the compendium for empowerment for personal finance. The book has case studies as stories so that young investors understand steps to be taken in lucid manner. There is no short cut to become a millionaire unless you are a magician, inheritor of wealth, owner of lottery or a black marketer. This book proves wealth can be created in an honest way. Even a domestic help can become a millionaire, with strong will force and proper guidance.

So read this blog, try to understand the implication and create your own strategies and model and go ahead and make money. For making money you need self restrain & wisdom .No outsider can make money for you. It would be your own perception that would help you to become wealthy.


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