Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Messiah for distressed humanity :Dr. M.C. Bhuyan

During Mid Sixties of last century, Guwahati was not as proud of HEALTH CARE FASCILITIES as it is now. Cardio- logical treatments were almost in non existence. Dr. M. C. Bhuyan’s arrival in the city brought about a change in the healthcare scenarios of the city as far as cardiology was concerned. Heart patients of greater Guwahati areas heaved a sigh of relief. His presence was like a fresh air to the society. A most cultured human being his motto of life was “Be good and do well” to distressed humanity.

He joined Guwahati Medical College as an Assistant professor and later founded the department of Cardiology. The department grew under his caring eyes and lots of brilliant Cardiac Doctors were born in due course. Dr. Bhuyan was not only known as a great teacher and medical practitioner but he was known for his humanistic approach towards needy patience. He always looked younger to his age and had an electrifying personality. A person of few words yet he was approachable. His greatest quality was compassion.

I came into his contact in early sixties. We were his neighbour. At that time, while completing my Master in Economics I was awaiting for placement calls. Dr. Bhuyan was first to advise me to pursue further studies in management and to visit USA for higher education and training. It was also he who advised me to compete for Rotary International’s Scholarship for business managers. I still feel indebted to him for his sane advice during my early years of life. In effect, my entire career in private sector enterprise was built up on his empowerment and advice. Except at the fag end of my career, in RBI, I had not accepted any lucrative public sector governmental jobs despite several offers. This was possible for the empowerment of Dr. Bhuyan. He emphatically told us that twentieth century would be the time for private sector enterprises and to swim during this period in private business environment would be greatly rewarding. It was he who could be considered as our mentor in business management though he himself was an academician and a Doctor.

A few friends of mine, who are established lawyers, Doctors and painters today, were also beneficiary of his advice. They confided me that whatever their contribution to the society today were only due to the practical advice of Dr. Bhuyan, in their formative period.
“For a strong mental strength you need strong physical stamina. So in younger age, you need to build up physical strength first, to enable you to build up mental prowess which ultimately will trigger self confidence”. These were the remark of Dr. Bhuyan. He advised us to be frugal in our eating habits. As Soon as we touched forty years, he advised us to stop having omelets in the morning with four eggs.
”One egg a week would keep you healthy. Why waste food by eating more and become unhealthy as you grow up in age”. We remembered his advised till date.

During 1963 well known entrepreneurs PC Goenka and late B Himmatsingka had set up India Carbon in collaboration with Great Lakes Carbon Corporation of USA. They wanted to ensure an ideal health care system for the enterprise, despite existence of ESI, of its own. It was Dr. M.C. Bhuyan who gave them the model of an ideal Health care system. Slowly from a Medical Consultant Dr. Bhuyan became friend and philosopher to industry. Industrialists in and around Guwahati were benefited by his quality advices.

Dr. Bhuyan was a humanist. Once I urged him to provide medical advice to then well-known planter BhabendraNath Baruah of Golaghat WHO WAS GOING THROUGH a SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEM. As the health condition of Mr. Baruah deteriorated it was impossible for him to travel to Guwahati from Golaghat . Observing the predicament of the family he decided to travel to Golaghat to examine the patient .That showed his rare quality of human concern. He was then the professor of Medical College at
Guuwhati and traveled to Golghat on a Sunday and came back the same evening. He only accepted hospitality and transportation. When fee was given, he refused to accept and told that he came to examine the patient and also to learn more of the sickness. This kind of behaviour is rarely found in professionals of today. There are however a few Doctors even now keeping the flag of self less service flying.

Dr. Bhuyan was a gentleman physician. He had no enemy. Everyone respected him and he also gave full honour to his patients. He endeared himself from his friends,students and patients for his immaculate behaviour. He maintained himself with grace and discipline. He always looked much younger to his age. When he died on 25th November he was 84 years old but really he looked 74 years or younger. Dr. Bhuyan’s departure would create a void not only among medical fraternity but also within the civil society of Assam. Today he is no more but his quality of dedicated service, loving care to his patience, humanistic approach have survived showing the path of compassion and value creating service. Almighty would give peace to his soul .we salute to his humanistic attitude towards life.


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