Wednesday, December 16, 2009


During my visit to USA DURING 2006 a Professor friend of mine, working in New Mexico State University, sent me an e -mail as to how Bhot Jolokia was making waves in the research laboratory of his university. I still remember his excitement till today. He excitedly informed me that the hottest of all spices is believed to be the “Bhut Jolokia”, belonging to the capsicum Chinese variety which was measured at 1,001,304 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), at the New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA, on September 9 2006.

Following the research results some folks got together for a taste test of the bhut jolokia and found out that it is indeed hot hot enough to use as a weapon Pepper sprays and elephant repellent. (It is reported that it keeps the large animals away from crops). I still remember his excitement. It was just the beginning. Today BHOT JOLOKIA IS wearing the crown of hottest chilies of the world following the reorganization by Guinness Book of World Records. Incidentally according to guineas record the spelling is ‘BHUT’ as against popularly known word of ‘bhot’. THE SPELLING WOULD BE VERY IMPORTANT AS THE TIME PASS BY and as the product gets greater trade value.

I can assume that in years to come capsicum Chinese could be a billion dollar business all over the world and the name must be protected from now onward. My request to AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT of Assam would be to ensure the trade mark patent of bhot jalokia as soon as possible. Otherwise someone else in the world would cultivate the same variety in Mexico or in California and name it ‘Bhut Jolokia’ and try to patent it, as they did in case of Basmati rice. ( After a long protected battle matter was shorted out due to effort of punjub jat lobby.)

During my recent visit to California I READ THE FOLLOWING NEWS IN A BLOG :

“FIFTY bhut jolokia seeds arrive in the mail. Armed with a seedling heating pad and a small hothouse as well as a desire to burn my lips off, I plant the seeds in a seedling starter kit I bought at K-mart. During planting, a spot under my eye feels like it has battery acid on it. I must have rubbed some capsacicum on it. I think these seeds are the real deal”. From the above it is apparent that already experimentation for cultivators of ‘ BHOT JALOKIA in USA have started

It must be remembered that more than farming of any capsicum or JalapeƱos the real money is made out of producing and extracting, oil, sauce and dry powders from the chilies, all over the world. The same will be the case with Bhot Jalokia. On my return from USA recently , it was nice to read from a news paper report of my friend Ajit Patowari that some of the Indian entrepreneurs have already started marketing various products produced out of BHOT JALOKIA and even started EXPORTING. My congratulations to local entrepreneurship. But my humble suggestion is to patent the name of the product so that no one can use the same brand name. Perhaps all of us are aware that wine produce out of grapes cultivated in the Particular district of France can only be sold as CHAMPAGNE. No one else can use that brand name even their wine is produced from better grapes from California or Bangalore.

During my stay in California this summer I read in a magazine that the quality of capsicum Chinese has tremendous medicinal values. I was not aware of these qualities:
Alternative Medicine practitioners are realizing that healing herbs should be part of their arsenal against disease. The newest touted natural herb is Capsicum, found in cayenne pepper. It has many benefits whether taken internally or externally. When taken internally, capsicum is an antibacterial which will encourage healing and deflect infections while slowing the absorption of fat in the intestines to help fight obesity. Because this natural herbal remedy is a stimulant, it improves circulation. Capsicum will also stabilize blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Herbalists are finding capsicum is useful in fighting a variety of ailments. I am told our tribal population located in foothills of northeast Himalayas knew of the medicinal values. BHOT JOLOKIAS ARE USED for treatment of stomach ailment by Assamese people also.
My humble suggestion to local entrepreneurs is to have tie up with someone from GERMANY, ITALY OR MEXICO FOR PRODUCTION OF VARIOUS bye- PRODUCTS OUT OF BHOT JALOKIA AND BUILD UP LASTING RELATIONS FOR MARKETING. If properly marketed sauce produce out of Bhot jolokia would be as popular as Tabasco, Capsico AND chirocha hot sauce. MAY BE it would be much MORE popular for its MEDICINAL VALUES.


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