Saturday, August 23, 2008

A windowfull of sky

I would like to post a few poems from Windowfull of Sky published by Cambridge India, Calcutta. The book was released by the Director of American Centre, Kolkata at Calutta Club's Darbhanga Hall in 2002. Mrs Neera Borkakoty, celebrated educationist and Sharmila , my daughter recited the poems to the rapt attention of audience. Now I want to share the poems with my friends,new readers and critics who missed the function then.


Everyday I am born a new
each day a birthday
I discard old clothes
and put new ones on.
Meet new friends
and make entries in the new ledger
to add it all up at the end of the day
the debit and credit entries
sum up to a complete dream
I close the ledger and prepare
to meet a new tomorrow
for get yesterdays, that much is past
a chapter that is closed
Immerged in the present
I reach out to the future
I wakeup everyday and look forward
I smile the moment I am born….


Below, the new mothers, noisy traffic,
Above the hordes of angels,
Impatient, restive.
They beckon to me together
In jarring cacophony

I’m flying, running down
The never ending path
Sometime I go under
Sometime clamber up
To the intimacy of angels


Incantations resound the prayer
I see people trudge along still dark,
meandering roads, looking for light

Alone in the dark of my room
I sat and listen to the muezzin’s call
I took the little lamp on my palm
and lit it

I cleansed my mind
And the dark street lit up.

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