Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you accept the views of Musharraf on resignation?

Musharraf has resigned last night. A chapter has come to an end in the history of Pakistan. Do I accept the view of the former president Musharraf that whatever he did was for the good of the country. Well, I certainly agree that when Musharraf came in, he was like a fresh air. The air got polluted after fifth year of his rule! Who was the responsible for this? This not for the first time a president, chief executive of Pakistan has gone out of the highest position with disgrace. Musharraf followed all his dictators colleagues before him. Many people in Pakistan are happy on his departure. I am not overwhelmed at the turn of event. I am feeling little sad! We belong to third world countries of the world. We need to develop economically. Rather we need to develop much more emotionally. If uneasy situation prevails in Indian subcontinent it is neither good for India, nor for Pakistan and Bangladesh. We need peace and harmony in our environment. Do we think departure of Musharraf would bring a lasting peace in Pakistan? I am not a great supporter of Musharraf. I only found him smart, handsome and of course arrogant most of the time. The most of the dictators are arrogant . This arrogance forces them to dictate others. This mistake they do not realise in lifetime. Neither Hitler nor Mussolini nor Zia Ul Haque realised it during their lifetime. But perhaps Musharraf realised during his lifetime. Do I think departure of Musharraf would bring in development in Pakistan. With a weak Government in power, though democratically elected, may not be the best in governance. Yet democratic ideal is good till it bring in misery. The inflation in Pakistan is 24% now. Let us hope the inflation goes down soon and commoner get respite. It is easy to blame but difficult to work with conviction. We pray to eternal force to give strength to teeming million of Pakistan to elevate their level of economy, thoughts and emotion and set up their country worth living!


Satyajit said...

hi its nice to see u blogging borta

Anonymous said...

Musharraf is handsome and smart-Agreed. But he is no different from any other despot dictator
On assuming power, he promised to restore back democracy within a short period by which he meant 10 short years-with a big push from the US.
Don't forget he was the author of the Kargil war-behind the back of the the then elected Govt. and on being defeated put the entire blame on Sha riff.
Remember, first half of his rule he actively supported the TALIBAN
and next half he fought them to save his skin.
He is still a shade better than the earlier Dictator, Zia ul Haque,who was the ORIGINAL TALIBAN.
Given half the chance he would have taken Pakistan back to the 7th century AD.

Baroowah's Brave Blog said...

Good to have your comments. It is true that Mussaraff was not always correct. He had plan to stay on and create problem for neighbours.
I am happy that he realised( has he really)his mistake and left. If he would not have left people would have forced him out.
Thanks any way for your brilliant response.