Sunday, August 30, 2009


Los Angeles, June 26: Michael Jackson, dubbed as the King of Pop, is dead yesterday afternoon while he was doing his rehearsal on the eve of his come back tour. The news was so sudden that gloom has comedown heavily on the lovers music world. He was fifty and is survived by his parents , eight siblings and his three children and millions of admirer.

While driving through the Sunset Boulevard of Los Angeles downtown suddenly we noticed a huge assembly of youth and aged persons lining up the footpath of Beverly Hill.When we stopped the car at the crossing of the street a person from the crowd yelled" the king is dead". We were unaware what that meant. I switched on the radio and heard that Jackson had a massive cardiac arrest and dropped dead. The initial rumur circulated widely meant that it was a case of suicide which was not a fact. However a police investigation is on its way for sudden death of a super celebrity calls for such an investigation, in this country.
He was a major talent of world of music at the same time he was considered by many as the "bizarre Persona". Jackson dazzled with his music but baffled the world with his peculiar emotional behaviour. Perhaps, he felt insecured all the time.

Born with abject poverty he had God gifted talent which his father forced him to develop with iron hands. At time he was punished rudely by his father for missing a step while dancing when he was five years old.His mother recognised the talent and advised her husband to be less rude on him.She was convinced that her fifth son would excel one day. The remark of his mother was prophetic and Jackson became famous before his was teen aged.

It is Jackson who popularised the concept Music album in the world. With his "moonwalk" he brought in a new style of dancing performance in stage. He was a lover of children. But he was also accused of molestation of child for which he had to pay 22 million dollar in settlement of the suit. The accusation was never proved in the court of law.

Jackson did not sing a song after 2001 and was making a come back. His performance was to be held in London and all fifty shows he was suppose to perform was oversold. Michel Jackson's life was full of contradiction. He was born black child but turned white during youth through artificial face lift that he admitted later. He himself was a celebrity yet, he was hugely fascinated by other celebrities like MaMarlynonroe, Charlie Chaplin and Elvis PrPresleyHe installed the statue of Marlyn, woworshippedharlie Chaplin and married the daughter of Elvis. His first marriage lasted 19th months.

He inspired young generation of twentieth and twenty first century, though ironically, he had not released any new song during the entire twenty first century.
Despite being one of the richest man of the music world by the end of last century, he was in debt during last few years. The repeated plastic surgery made his face a "bizarre", according to his critic. But as a performer he tore down geographical boundaries. The transformation of music and power of costume, on and off stage, influenced the whole generation. It was his biggest asset and later became his liabilities too.
We noticed last evening a huge young crowd , in front of the UCLA medical center, dressed up like Jackson to express their tribute to the Master. His life long friend Frank Di Leo said Michael is no more but his music would live on. Perhaps it correct for hr picked up total 13 Grammy award. The most friends said it is a tragedy that the world has lost one of the most influential and iconic figure so soon.


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