Monday, May 25, 2009


“Do you know Dr. Man Mohan Singh,”asked Nakib Ahmed, a celebrity news caster of yester years and now advisor to Indian Chambers of Commerce, recently. Without bating an eyelid I replied that Dr. Man Mohan Singh, the economist, was known to me for years now. But I do not know him well as the prime Minister. To me he is a great human being , administrator and above all a welfare economist whose prime concern has always been the welfare of class and mass. He was born in a town, now in Pakistan in middle class family and saw poverty and suffering of people from a close quarter. Educated primarily in India and England he equipped himself as the most practical economist rather than a theoretician. I met him for the first time in early nineties when I was the Member secretary of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Assam Chapter. Under the president ship of H.P. Barooah, then Chief of Bengal Chamber a seminar was organized in Guwahati to asses and find out the ways and means to develop Assam Economically. Dr. Man Mohan Singh was invited to address the seminar. Dr. Singh, at that time was neither a finance Minister nor was the prime minister in waiting. But he remained a person of wisdom and world looked at him with reverence. He agreed to write a paper and address the gathering at our request. The seminar was held at Hotel Brahmaputra at Guwahati. His paper was one of the most important documents which underlined the growth potential of the state. At our request he agreed to hand over the paper for publication and for use in seminars and class rooms besides using in formulating policy document by government and non governmental organization. Pradyut Bordoloi, then a budding politician and professional media person organized to record the speech. During this seminar we met Man Mohan Singh closely and were awestruck at his simplicity and sincerity of purpose. We never felt that this was the gentlemen who steered clear India from a debt laden country to a prosperous nation to be recognized by the developed world.

During that time the intellectuals of United Kingdom and some of the critics of labour party famously stated that it would be appropriate to appoint a person of Man Mohan Singh’s intellect to head the finance ministry of United Kingdom. The finance minister of Great Britain was Gordon Brown at that time who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain now. In spite of such remark of his critics in United Kingdom, Gordon Brown had great admiration for Dr. Man Mohan Singh. During recent meeting of G 20 Prime Minister Brown should greatest courtesy to Man Mohan Singh and requested him to speak in his dinner hosted in honour of visiting dignitaries of the world. Only other person who was invited to speak was Barrack Obama of USA. Man Mohan Singh respected not because he is the prime Minister of India but because he is a wise person. His personality proved the age old saying that “a king is respected within his country but a wise man is respected out side his country too”.

During the run up to the election the successive opinion polls revealed that most of the people of the country favour Man Mohan Singh to be the next prime Minister of India. The result of opinions polls expressed that preference for Advani, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi comes much later. Why people of India like to have a professional rather than a hardcore politicians as the next prime minister. This is the most hotly debated issue of the time now. And in this in quest itself is hidden the secret of Dr. Man Mohan Singh’s importance.

Though L. K. Advani calls him a “Weak Prime Minister” yet ordinary citizens prefer an “Upright Humanitarian” to be their next Prime Minister. Today Public feel that hardcore politicians have damaged the fabric of the country and a gentleman would be a better bet if they have choice. This is where the importance of being Man Mohan Singh lies. People prefer him because he is an upright and a kind person. However, unfortunately public have no direct say in preferring the Prime Minister in a parliamentary Democracy.

This is for the first time in Indian politics the parliament may get fractured representation of people and parties making it almost impossible to combine both ideology and practical politics together. Communist may be willing to back up Congress yet may ask for another choice for the Prime minister. But that would not diminish the importance of being the Man Mohan Singh. In this election no parties may get required numbers to form Government and may loose their pride of place hitherto enjoyed. But for Man Mohan Singh it would be the “win- win situation”. How?

Man Mohan Singh remains the M.P. If congress could form the government he would be the first choice for P.M. In unlikely circumstances if Congress needs to sacrifice him or should he listen to his inner conscience and opt out, then also two most important organizations are waiting for his blessings. Those two organizations would like him to join them as their Mentor, if rumor is to be believed... The first one is IMF and second one is World Bank. In any case it would be the victory for the country! This is where the importance of being the Man Mohan Singh lies!

To end the article I quote the remark of Bipul saikia, the plasma Scientist, who stood in queue with Man Mohan Singh as his next person to vote in recently concluded election “it was a great feeling and a wonderful experience to share the same queue waiting to vote. Man Mohan Singh greeted us all with a namaskar. it was a nice coincidence that I will never forget in my life”. Yes, this is being the Man Mohan Singh, the gentleman per excellence and strongest advocate of humane behavior. People love him and respect him not merely because he is the P.M. but he is a decent person of integrity and courtesy.

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